Montgomery County Appraiser – Dianna Carter RMA

Welcome to our page. We will update this page with current information to keep the public apprised of legislative deadlines, property information, where our appraisal field staff will be working, and how to do this and that in the appraisal world. We are here to serve your needs and want you to know that we are available to you no matter the question or concern as we are aware that many times a lack of information or misunderstanding are cause for confusion. We will keep communication open so our public will know what is going on in MG County.


Appraisal staff are in the re-inspection process. Each year we are mandated to re-inspect approx. 17% of the county. Any changes found will affect the 2020 valuation. The appraiser’s vehicles are clearly marked and staff will wear official badges. Staff are working in the Townships of Independence, Rutland, Liberty, Cherokee and the City of Liberty and Jefferson.

Sales validation and verification are in process, an on-going task for our office. If you get a call and/or a visit, please help us by cooperating with information. Sales are the basis for all we do here in the Appraiser’s Office so that information is very important to us. Thank you for your time and cooperation on this.

Commercial properties around the county will be under review by a consultant. The goal is to list and value commercial property more equitably. The consultants will have county badges.

GIS is now part of the Appraiser’s Office. The email to use is or This office is making great strides to update, upgrade, and provide information for governmental entities as well as the public. We are very excited with the possibilities. Please contact Anne Miller or Jennifer Meredith with any questions or concerns, project, or mapping discrepancies.


As public servants, our office wants to be responsive to your requests and need. Requests for information, to schedule an appeal, or just ask a question, we ask that you use our new email so that all of our staff can read and someone will correctly and promptly respond. You may also reach us by phone at 620-330-1050.

The Montgomery County Appraiser’s Office is responsible for valuing property for tax purposes. We appreciate and need your cooperation to do our job to the best of our abilities. Working together will make valuation and taxation a much smoother process for all.