Election Results

August 7th 2018 Primary Election

Totals are from Montgomery County only.

56 of 61 Precincts  Counted

For a complete list of all write-ins please contact the Montgomery County Clerk’s office at 620-330-1200

 This is the final count for this evening

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 National Offices


United States House of Representatives – 2nd District

Candidate Votes
Paul Davis (D) 592
Vernon J. Fields (R)  68
Steve Fitzgerald (R)  481
Kevin Jones (R)  822
Doug Mays (R)  92
Dennis Pyle (R)  346
Caryn Tyson (R)  919
Steve Watkins (R)  427



State Offices


Governor/Lt. Governor

Candidate Votes
Arden Anderson/Dale Cowsert (D)  57
Jack Bergeson/Alexander Cline (D)  48
Carl Brewer/Chris Morrow (D)  102
Laura Kelly/Lynn Rogers (D)  344
Joshua Svaty/Datrina Gier Lewison (D)  112
Jim Barnett/Rosie Hansen (R)  332
Jeff Colyer/Tracey Mann (R)  1139
Kris Kobach/Wink Hartman (R)  1509
Patrick “PK” Kucera/Patricia Reitz (R)  53
Tyler Ruzich/Dominic Scavuzzo (R)  33
Ken Selzer/Jen Sanderson (R)  166
Joseph Tutera Jr/Phillip Clemente (R)  28



Secretary of State

Candidate Votes
Brian “Bam” McClendon (D)  549
Randy Duncan (R)  661
Keith Esau (R)  400
Craig McCullah (R)  330
Scott Schwab (R)  890
Dennis Taylor (R)  537



Attorney General

Candidate Votes
Sarah G. Swain (D)  594
Derek Schmidt (R)  3049



State Treasurer

Candidate Votes
Marci Francisco (D)  594
Jake LaTurner (R)  2607



Commissioner of Insurance

Candidate Votes
Nathaniel McLaughlin (D)  583
Vicki Schmidt (R)  1439
Clark Shultz (R)  1572



State Representative – 7th District

Candidate Votes
Richard J. Proehl (R)  203



State Representative – 11th District

Candidate Votes
Jim Kelly (R)  1535
John Lowrance (R)  487



State Representative – 12th District

Candidate Votes
Doug Blex (R)  787
Brad Hall (R)  208



State Board of Education – 9th District

Candidate Votes
Jim Porter (R)  2693



District Court Judge – District 14 Division 1

Candidate Votes
F. William Cullins (R)  2719



District Court Judge – District 14 Division 2

Candidate Votes
Jeffrey D. Gossard (R)  2759


County Offices


County Commissioner District No. 1

Candidate Votes
Robert Bever (R)  544
Leon J. Rau (R)  436
Jack L. Reddick (R)  257